• Lecteur en Ruine: Listen closing music of the library
    • DONE: New Reader: Read 1 paper book
    • Reader, Again: Read 2 paper book
    • Reading Expert: Read 4 paper book
    • Allegiant Reader: Read 8 paper book
    • Readmaster: Read 16 paper book
    • DONE: Oh you finally Get Started!: Running in the playground in evening
    • DONE: Runner: Keep running in a week
    • DONE: Excellent Runner: Keep running in a month
    • Gotcha!: End your Spring Term with a GPA higher than 3.6
    • Game Developing Pathfinder: Release your first demo using Unity Engine
    • Advanced Computer Graphics (ACG): Finish the GAMES101, GAMES 102, GAMES 201, GAMES 202 Course and all of their assignments
    • √ DONE: A Perfect Press (APP): Got the maximum grade point in a course
    • Recoder: Keep diary everyday
    • CM Reach!: Become candidate master on Codeforces

$13.A\ Perfect\ Press:$

$7. Oh\ you\ finally\ get\ started!$

A successful exercise in the evening 3/8/2022.

$2.New\ Reader:$

Really the first book I read carefully which is not for schoolwork..


From 4/11/2022 ~ 4/18/2022. Still keeping.


Until 5/23/2022. Still keeping.